Thank You

Dirk Braun-Friderici

“I was very satisfied with MBMG services.Particularly, we appreciate Paul's intelligent and friendly advice, which always reflects profound knowledge of the local and international business environment. Khun Sa and the Accounting team at MBMG are also taking good care of our accounting needs. MBMG is an all-around good experience for us! “

Thank You

Phil Bell

Ernst & Young Corporate Services Limited

"After attending an MBMG event, I initially spent quite a lot of time with Paul and he gave some very helpful suggestions. Although I didn't initially act on his suggestions, I kept in contact with MBMG. MBMG has been very proactive and responsive. 

My experience with MBMG is very positive. I absolutely recommend them. I trust them above all others I've met in Thailand.“ 

Thank You

Michael McCormick

"Thank you for all of your help and hard work in getting the visas for my wife and I really appreciated the quick turnaround and feedback provided every step of the way. Even the messengers at MBMG, they brave the Bangkok traffic, they are always very polite, organized and thorough. When you have to sign enough paper to give you hand cramps they have the patience to double check everything to make sure all is in order. They were really fun to deal with."

Thank You

Dr. Michael J. Butler


"I am happy  with the services of MBMG. They were the first to guide me, helped me a great deal and because of that it have saved me a lot of money - and increased my monthly income - by advising me about taking extended payments.

MBMG have been most professional, yet very friendly and open with me and have - and are - assisting me in ways that I would never have anticipated. They are always there when I need help or assistance.

I am happy to recommend their services in any way that I can."

Thank You

Daniel Parent

Managing Director, Fastenal Asia Sourcing & Trading Co.

“I am impressed for there is truly ‘heart and soul’ in this company that goes by the name of MBMG. The report I received is simply a reflection of the people that make up MBMG – a direct cause and effect relationship! That is greatness-greatness that many can only dream of!”

Thank You

Juha Aaltonen

“MBMG was hired mainly to consult with us on the Board of Investment (BOI) application process. In fact they managed the whole process from start to finish collecting from us all the massive amount of necessary information needed and processing it into a sensible application in which they were persistent and successful. Today we are a BOI promoted company. I was impressed and it’s hard to impress me! Do I need to say more?”

Thank You

Sister Joan

The Fountain of Life Organisation

“Without MBMG, we could never have done what we have been able to do.”

Thank You

Carolyn Tarrant

President, British Community in Thailand for the Needy

“MBMG helps us for the sake of raising money for Thai people and they don’t ask anything in return.”

Thank You

Gareth Vaughan Hughes

Managing Director, RSM Thailand

“Building a reputation and trust in brand products and services takes time and doing this in Asia and particularly Thailand can present challenges. The MBMG Group has achieved this through consistent high levels of customer service and quality of advice but more importantly through their commitment to the Kingdom and clients.

As someone who has known Paul Gambles and the MBMG Group for several years, I’ve personally witnessed how they provide local and global information on the ever growing markets through the medium of the newspapers, TV and internet which allows clients to make informative decisions with respect to investment decisions. Paul Gambles is a shrewd, passionate and intellectual financial expert who exercises prudence when advising clients on the ever growing choice of investments and strategies. MBMG have retained their clients’ loyalty, received recommendations, and kept their good reputation in the industry.”

Thank You

Gareth Marshall

Account Director, Spark Communications

“I think the diversity of MBMG’s operations is one of its greatest strengths." 

Thank You

Steve Hamblin

CEO, Parker Bridge Recruitment Ltd.

“I have used MBMG as our Auditor, Accountant and also for various ad hoc company set up, advisory and special projects. Paul goes beyond the call of duty and unlike many advisors, he doesn’t always have his time sheet to hand when giving advice because he understands what goes around, comes around in business. As a result, I have continued to deal with Paul and continued to recommend him. I actually don’t know any other advisor that has this attitude in Asia.”